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IRONPLATE STUDIOS IS AN ELITE AND PRIVATE personal training and nutrition studio with locations at the Monroe Center in Hoboken, NJ and the Brunswick Center in Jersey City, NJ. We specialize in strength and fitness, personal training, weight loss, physique development and transformation, sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and meal planning -- all in a private and motivating setting.

At IronPlate Studios, we believe that training and nutrition TOGETHER are the key to your health and fitness. If you fuel your body properly and train smart, you can be the best version of YOU there is. And we believe you can do this simply without gimmicks, fad diets and ineffective, unsustainable cleanses. As we always say - Eat Clean, Train Hard. There is no magic bullet. 

We are a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists that all have a combined and varied background in sports, competition, academia and our own struggles with weight and fitness. Because of this we are able to offer a broad spectrum of services, education, and knowledge to our clients. 

IronPlate Studios offer packages for personal training (1:1 and small group), wedding preparation, pre- and post-natal, competition prep as well as nutrition programs catering to your needs. Email us at for more information.

Our Team



Kristin Reisinger, MS RD CSSD, is the founder and owner of IronPlate Studios, an elite and private fitness and nutrition studio with locations in Hoboken, NJ and Jersey City, NJ. A Personal Trainer for over 17 years, Registered Dietitian for over 10 years and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) for 7 years with a background in obstacle course competitions and NPC Figure competitions, Kristin has helped hundreds of people in the tri-state area lose weight in a healthy way and achieve a physique and athleticism that they never thought possible.

Kristin also maintains clinical experience in exercise physiology and nutrition, with prior significant work history at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center’s Cardio-Pulmonary labs; St Michael's ICU, Newark, NJ in nutrition support; and Christ Hospital, Jersey City, as an inpatient and outpatient Registered Dietitian.

Frequently quoted in Women’s HealthToday’s Dietitian, Flex magazine, Real SimpleOxygen magazine, Men’s Health Online, Fitness Online, Good Housekeeping Online, and JC Downtown magazine, a frequent contributor to and and a contributor to Zero Belly Smoothies by NY Times Best Selling author, David Zinczenko, Kristin also hold’s a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

Kristin is an avid yogi, snowboarder and surfer, loves to travel and lives between Jersey City, NJ and Wildwood Crest, NJ with her 7-year old yogi daughter, Sophia.

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Chris Young


Chris Young, EHFA, REPs Ireland –IC REPs, is a Personal Trainer for IronPlate Studios with 5 years experience in the fitness industry and a graduate of the Elite Fitness Academy in Dublin.  Chris’ main objective as a trainer is to help his clients achieve your goals - whatever they may be.  

At age 21, Chris went to Australia to play semi-pro soccer in Queensland, North Australia. Slowly but surely he was spending more time in team gym, and began helping teammates with their training.  At 24 he returned to Dublin and started working in a local gym.  Fitness has been a way of life ever since.  

Chris always has a health and fitness goal, and is always searching for things that will challenge his body and push him to his limits. He enjoys power lifting, Olympic lifting, yoga, TRX training as well mountain biking.

Chris is from Dublin, Ireland and is motivated and ready for new challenges.  He always makes training fun but beneficial at the same time, giving all his clients the results they are looking for.


Lindsay Arthur


Lindsay Arthur, NSCA-CPT is a Personal Trainer for IronPlate Studios.  She received her Bachelors of Science in Applied Exercise Science from University of New England where she ran on the cross-country team and worked as a strength and conditioning coach.  Lindsay has worked with a variety of populations ranging from high school athletes to the elderly.

Lindsay just recently moved to Hoboken and enjoys running, biking, hiking, lifting and anything that allows her to work up a sweat!

Lindsay believes that fitness should be a FUN and an exciting part of everyone’s day!




Kevin Steimle



Kevin Steimle, NASM-CPT, is a Personal Trainer for IronPlate Studios with 5 years of experience in the fitness industry. He received his Bachelor's degree from Lehigh University where he competed on the track & field team as a sprinter and thrower. Kevin is a former New Jersey state record holder of the Javelin Throw.

Kevin began working as a personal trainer throughout college and continues to expand his expertise by working with a wide population of individuals ranging from athletes, seniors, and pre/post natal. He believes that workout routines should be fun and dynamic, and loves to challenge clients by incorporating boxing, TRX as well as kettlebells. His goal is to inspire people to become the best version of themselves and believes that fitness should be an integral part of everyones life.  

Kevin recently moved to Hoboken and can be found playing pick-up basketball, riding his bike along the Hudson or running around town. He enjoys traveling and is always looking for a new challenge.


Ronald Rhea

Ronald Rhea, NCSF-CPT, is personal trainer for IronPlate Studios with 5 years of experience in the fitness industry. He earned his B.S. in Bioengineering from Stanford University where he captained and represented the men's lacrosse team in the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League All-Star Game for four consecutive years.  

Ronald’s unquenchable thirst for adventure and knowledge motivated his journeys to Asia, Eastern Europe and beyond where he discovered both modern and ancient exercise modalities and training implements.  While overseas, he launched his fitness career, training both groups and individuals ranging from fitness enthusiasts to national level athletes to military personnel.  He has successfully applied his diverse knowledge and skills as a StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor, Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach to develop integrated strength and conditioning programs that improved the athletic performance and overall health of his clients. 

Ronald’s personal training practice is underpinned by the convictions that strength is the foundation for developing the rest of physical qualities and that strength has a greater purpose – defend yourself, win a championship and/or scale tall buildings in a single bound. He is fully committed to motivating his clients, in any way possible, to escape their boundaries and to become a lean and muscular version of themselves.   

In his spare time, Ronald enjoys Muay Thai Kickboxing, Olympic Weightlifting, snowboarding, kettlbell training and adventure seeking.



I started training with Kristin at IronPlate studios in November for my wedding on March 29th. From the minute I walked into the studio, I loved it and Kristin. Our first consult was very thorough.  Kristin is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging.  My goal was obviously to look good in my tight fitting mermaid dress, but I really wanted to focus on toning my upper body.  Training with Kristin was amazing - she taught me a lot about my diet and how to incorporate clean eating into my everyday life.  She was also able to construct a diet plan to suite my lifestyle. Kristin and I focused heavily on weight training, since I stuck to running and spin classes during the day. I felt stronger and stronger every day and looked even better!   Kristin changed up our routines often and introduced me to new and exciting workouts every week. When the big day came I couldn’t have felt or looked better thanks to IronPlate Studios! I plan to continue working out with Kristin at IronPlate Studios so that we can work on my next goal…to become a WWE Diva!
-Jeannine S., IronPlate Bride 2014

Kristin and Caitlin have both been instrumental in helping me lose weight and tone up for my wedding this summer. The nutritional counseling program has been particularly helpful and Kristin is always willing to help answer questions, make recommendations, etc., when it comes to my diet. I always look forward to my training sessions with Kristin and Caitlin and even though I am sore for days on end afterwards, it’s in the best way possible! Highly recommend IronPlate Studios, they are the best!!
-Allie L., IronPlate Bride

I finished the Hoboken City Challenge yesterday - with walking to and from the event was roughly 5 miles and 20 obstacles. At 57 years old. Have been with Iron Plate about 15 months. Down about 12 pounds. Might not sound like a lot - but gut gone, love handles gone, "hanging chin". gone. Body transformed. And still transforming. Energy and stamina way way up. And Kristin and Liz have become great friends! So I happily recommend that you check out IronPlate – give yourself the gift of looking and feeling good and as well as being healthy!
-Shepard F., IronPlate Man

Kristin was really helpful in helping me to fine tune my diet and to help get my physique ready for my first amateur figure competition. She was always ready and willing to answer all of my questions and to give me sensible and professional advice. Not only that, but with her help I won first place in the competition and earned my Pro Card. Thanks Kristin!!

-Sue Merren, WNBF Pro Figure Athlete

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